Where it All Began

Hashtag Hosts was founded from an entrepreneurial idea from our founder. As a premium wedding DJ and entertainer, there was few opportunities to work during the week.

Using his creative flair he looked for opportunities to fill up his diary, quiz hosting was his calling. Over the next couple of years, Richard perfected the quizzing format – creating a fun and fair game that filled pubs!

Over time, more and more venue managers became more interested in the service being offered by DJ Richard Porter’s quiz nights. In order to meet demand and begin the corporate journey, Richard replicated his own style through innovative training and the brand Hashtag Quiz was born.


Using the simple blueprint of replicating Richard’s hosting and format, the company grew and grew. Budgets were put in place to attract and retain guests including a Facebook marketing strategy in turn popularity and business grew for all parties.

Now Hashtag Quiz has perfected the whole concept of the game, marketing and growth. Due to our size we’ve increased our support team to include Localised Management Teams.

We started with Quiz, now we offer many more hosting services…and Hashtag Hosts was born

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As demand grows so does our infrastructure. We had an epiphany, let’s distribute the wealth to small businesses who manage their own territories. They develop their own business while upholding the great work and reputation of Hashtag Hosts. This is why we have developed our franchise investment opportunity.

Thinking from a franchisee’s view, we wanted to make sure we didn’t limited the business to one service. Thus we have expanded our business plan to include several different services because that’s what we do, we host!

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